Statement of Work

Janitorial Services

May 22, 2024


The contractor shall provide janitorial services outlined in this statement of work for USDA ARS Pasture Lab.


Place of Service:  3081 Enterprise Drive, State College, PA 16801


Period of Performance:  Perform Janitorial Services for a Base year, and a six month optional period (if exercised).


Base Year: 12 months, TBD


Option Period 1 (if exercised): Up to Six Months, TBD



Site Access:    Contractor will work before 8:00 am or after 3:00 pm (EST) Monday – Friday to minimize disruptions to staff in the office.  Contractor shall lock the office when complete, and ensure the building is secure at all times, as the federal agency may not be occupying at the time of cleaning services. Contractor  will notify USDA’s technical representative of the hours scheduled to work.  Contractor will not work on Federal Holidays.  If the Federal Holiday falls on a weekend, contractor should check with USDA’s technical representative for the day it will be observed.


Recognized Federal Holidays*

New Year’s Day –                               January 1

Martin Luther King Birthday –           3rd Monday in January

Washington’s  Birthday –                    3rd Monday in February

Memorial Day –                                  Last Monday in May

Juneteenth –                                         June 19

Independence Day –                            July 4

Labor Day –                                         1st Monday in September

Columbus Day –                                  2nd Monday in October

Veterans’ Day –                                   November 11

Thanksgiving Day –                            4th Thursday in November

Christmas Day –                                  December 25

*In accordance with federal regulations, if these holidays fall on a Saturday, the holiday will be observed on Friday, if Sunday, holiday will be observed on Monday. The contractor will be required to follow Government procedures for any unscheduled shut down if the Government installation due to weather conditions, security, Government identified emergency health and safety evacuation, etc.

Technical Requirements:  Contractor will provide cleaning supplies (disinfectant, floor cleaner, window cleaner, etc.).  Federal agency will provide Government Furnished Property (GFP) paper products to replenish (toilet paper, paper towels), and hand soap.  Contractor will provide their own mop, bucket, vacuum, and items used to carry out their cleaning duties, etc. There is some space in the restroom for cleaning equipment; there is no full janitor closet or slop sink.


Contractor will notify the agency when supplies are running low to give 7-10 days time to re-order. Contractor will maintain all equipment in proper working condition and notify the agency rep if there are issues.


Contractor shall clean with the following frequency:


3 days/week (Mon-Wed-Fri)


Clean two restrooms completely:

  1. Wash mirrors
  1. Wipe down frequently touched surfaces such as handles, knobs, door push plates, and paper towel dispensers.
  1. Sanitize toilets, sinks, and countertops
  1. Vacuum and mop with disinfectant bathroom floors.
  1. Empty trash cans and place a new bag liner in each trash can in the restrooms.
  1. Replenish soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.
  1. Notify federal agency when soap, toilet paper and paper towels are running low.


Clean kitchenette:

  1. Wipe down frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant such as faucet and sink, countertops, door push plates, doorknobs, refrigerator handle, light switches.
  1. Sanitize kitchen sink.
  1. Empty centralized/kitchen trash and replace with new can liners.


Clean entry way and reception desk floor

  1. Vacuum and mop the entry way and vinyl flooring to remove debris and mud.
  1. Vacuum entryway and kitchen carpets.


Empty Office Refuse Cans:

1.Remove trash bags and take to the dumpster on-site.

2.Remove aluminum and plastic bottle recycling and take to canisters on-site.

3.Federal agency will manage paper recycling/shredder paper.



3 days/week (Mon-Wed-Fri)

  1. Vacuum entire carpeted floor – each office, hallways, entryway, conference room.


1 day/month (as weather permits)

  1. Clean glass doors inside and out.  There is one front door and one back/side door.
  1. If inclement weather persists, clean inside doors only.

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