We’re primarily a government contractor who believes that by providing the highest quality goods and services we ensure long-term business relationships.


PRIMARY: 541611 (Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services)

236220 (Commercial and Institutional Building Construction)

541412 (Computer Systems Design Services)

541613 (Marketing Consulting Services)

541614 (Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services)

541330 (Engineering Services)

561720 (Janitorial Services)


RIC Rentals: We have numerous pieces of equipment for you to make your project operate more cost-effectively and efficiently.

RIC Consulting (in partnership with Rosedale Consulting Corporation): With many years of experience in multiple fields we can provide enormous value to you.

RIC Construction: With many years of commercial and residential projects we can get your project done.

RIC Marketing (in partnership with Robb Creative Group, LLC.): What’s the point in building a great project if no one sees it? Let’s fix that!

RIC Infrastructure: Bridges? Highways? Roads? Let’s build them together!

RIC Procurement: With an extensive network, both domestic and international, we can source for the goods and services you need to make sure your company stays way ahead of the competition.

RIC Tunneling: Trains and automobiles are in need of new frontiers! We can pave that path for them.

RIC Investments (in partnership with Robb and Company Corporation): Investing in start-ups that are changing the industry for the better.

RIC Engineering: Software and hardware engineers working on incredible projects.

RIC Modularization: Meet your new number-one organizer. We’ll turn complexity into simplicity.

RIC Repairs: Broken equipment? Let’s fix that! Quick turnaround time!

RIC Management: With a team of experts covering all aspects of a project we’re well-prepared for any problem that may arise. And as your project manager, we’ll make sure your project exceeds even your own expectations.

RIC Contracting: With an extensive network of specialized individuals and companies we can bring your project to life utilizing our signature SQE (safety, quality, and efficiency).

RIC Logistics (in partnership with Robb Xpress International Trading Corporation): Getting all that equipment you need for your project safely from point A to point B.

RIC Architecture: This is where style meets design. Let’s start your project the right way!



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